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Children supported by our association had to suffer under long treatments till they overcame the illness: they missed many happy school days filled with games and smile preventing them from experiencing a colourful childhood; often they recovered with permanent disabilities as the result of their treatment. All of these sad memories and circumstances can be eased by participating and succeeding at different cultural and sports event orginized by our Association in Hungary, while bringing back the colours and happiness of childhood to their lives.

Our main goal at the Winners’ Association is the physical preparation of the children through regular sport activities and participation in various sport events in Hungary. It is very important for us to pay special attention to those children having ongoing treatments and focus on their rehabilitation as well. As part of this mission, they are taught about conducting a healthy lifestyle, building strong self-confidence and the importance of continuous development through education.

We maintain great partnership with Hungarian doctors, professional sportsmen, trainers and celebrities from Hungary. Moreover, we are supported by numerous Hungarian companies and sports clubs taking part in our mission to reinforce our children giving them the opportunity to live an active and joyful life again. The winners of our association return this favour by sharing their stories, by demonstrating their will power and joy for life and by being a role model to other children still lying in hospital beds during their long treatments.

By supporting the activity of our Association you can be a part of the great success our activities can bring to the young participants of our events. By joining our team and supporting our activiteies you can give a chance to children from Hungary to live a whole and bright life after overcoming the illness and beating cancer by experiencing the wonderful atmosphare that sport can bring into the life of real winners.

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