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Our main goal at Winners’ Association is not only to support and help children in the battle with cancer, but to establish a unique community where children can feel themselves like in a big happy team, where all the members have the opportunity to participate in different sports and cultural events across the country, where they can meet friends on regular basis and where they can get life-changing, positive memories. 

By winning all their battles in sport and private life, these young people proved us that cancer is not a deadly disease, but a challenge which can be successfully accomplished. Same like in the professional sport or business – if you really want to do it and you have made your decision, you need to do everything possible to reach your goal. It is the only way to succeed in sport and life too.

These events are much more than simple athletic sports events, it is a celebration of life for those who have won their most important victory over the illness. 

During our activities with the real winners they not only give us nice memories, but they teach us too how to get over any kind of difficulties in life. 

In summer 2018 we have successfully organized our first big sports event in the heart of the capital of Hungary, which supported almost 100 children through participating in different sports and games together with famous sportsmen. Thanks to the magical atmosphere of our first sports event, together with the competitive spirit for sports made our participants day an unforgettable, colorful, life-long memory.

On the other hand this event gave us the opportunity to share this wonderful and energizing atmosphere with almost 120 volunteers of our association. In our volunteer program we pay special attention to young people who beat cancer, because based on our experience they can give a special support to the children. In the future we plan to participate in different sport and cultural events together with our volunteers to pay a special attention to the activity we support.

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